2005-02-25 - 1:52 p.m.

Here's what I'd like to know.

Maybe a scientific study could be done.

But if it is I'm NOT putting together the power point presentation.

Where does the salt go?

Not the salt on the ground after a snow storm. We all know that goes directly to all the newly washed cars as quick as brownie molecules go to your hips.


When I salt my food I hear the little grains of salt hitting the food and/or plate. "Tick Tick, here we are" they say.

Then I take a bite and mysteriously they are gone. There is NO salt on my food.

Pepper has the opposite property. A quick shake of pepper. I hear nothing. It slips quietly to my food where it apparently multiplies like bunnies on fertility drugs because I put a bite in my mouth and all of my food has disappeared, apparently eaten by the newly hatch hungry herd of pepper babies.

I know the FDA would give out grant money to figure this out. I know they would.

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