2005-02-18 - 4:05 p.m.

Right, I did say I was going to type somethng about the junk I watched on tv last night right? Or did we decide we just want to go on about Simon?

Jeopardy Tourn. of Champs- What the hell are they doing? Every day the final j. question has been WAY too easy, last night it was impossible. (but I bet Crate knew the answer)

Survivor:Paulau (or something)
I almost forgot it was on. I was all set to watch, er, something else, I have no idea what (shhhh it was Joey, I'm not proud of it).

The teacher? The singing teacher? I would have drowned her. She would not have made it to the island. Thank GOD they had the ability to dump someone right away.

I'm already sick of the tattoo and piercing chick. At first I thought she'd be cool but when all you say all day long is how you're an outcast and you're going to be an outcast and you can't believe the cool kids are playing with you because you knew you'd be the outcast...you have to go.

Outstanding Gay Stereotype in a realityseries boy is annoying and must be stopped immediately.

I love that the brains beat the young hardbodies who I am forced to hate on principle but would anyway because the other tribe has my new thursday night from 8-9 when Jeff's not on the screen (whew) boyfriend Tom the New York Firefighter aka silver fox. HHHHHOT.

I've so missed Jeff and his snark. "Uh, guys, the flag's over there." Yay.

They got rid of the right people except I'd have done away with old lawyer dude as well just because he's a crafty old lawyer.

Also I'm either going to love or hate monkey tree climbing artsy fartsy Vegas showgirl. I haven't decided yet.

Then it was CSI:
Infantalism. Really? Why? I mean, it's sweeps, okay, but it just wasn't very compelling? And what's next year's sexual sweeps perversion? Where can this end?
And why is ANYONE having a civil conversation with Catherine after how she behaved? And WHY didn't Grissom stand up for the Spork when Catherine was rude to her. Seems to me that when one of his people was rude to Catherine she tried to get them fired.

Catherine. Stop. Please.

Uh, then...I watched...uh...oh, right, my tape of Ellen with Simon on it...all roads lead to Simon today.

He was humming. Enough said.

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