2005-02-11 - 12:39 p.m.

I got new glasses today.

My old prescription was pretty good only now and then I was struggling.

I hate the new glasses.

The prescription doesn't seem exactly right though I'm hard pressed to say what's wrong.

The worst part is that they are much smaller frames than the last pair, which were pretty small for a start. Now I can see the entire rim of my glass frame constantly. It's so aggrivating. And when I look down I look under the glasses. How is this helpful?

They were pretty expensive frames, not as expensive as my last pair, but still.

I told them I'll keep them the weekend and see how they feel. I really want my new prescription in my old frames but that's another hundred bucks.

Guess I should stop spending money on useless crap so I can maybe see stuff from now on huh?

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