2005-02-08 - 5:32 p.m.

Remember a few posts back when I talked about Jorja fox and how much she deserves and Emmy etc. ?

Some folks from a message board I belong to have had the same thought and come up with a very cool way to let Jorja know that her work is appreciated by the fans. You don't have to be a member of the board to be involved. I have their permission to invite you all to help us let Jorja know how we feel so here's what to do:

Jorja plays guitar and so we've (they've) decided to send guitar pics from all over, designed by you or store bought with something different on it, along with an etc. which will be put in a guitar case for Jorja and hand delivered to her.

What is the "etc."? Feel free to send anything that is no larger than 5x7 inches. This includes:

-CDs (I'll make another thread regarding the CDs)

Please, no exceptions!

You may also include -and in fact, are encouraged to include- a sticker from wherever you're from, whether it be your city, your state/province, or your country. ZB will put these stickers on the guitar case to show just how far and wide JF's fans are from. The most important thing though is that you include a guitar pick. This really is the whole point- to have the picks symbolize the number of fans. You can send plain picks, or decorate them as you see fit. Just send 'em! smile.gif

Cost of shipping and the guitar case are being handled by ZB and myself, so don't worry if you don't have any cash. The point of this is to try and organize something that everyone can get involved in. That's why I thought of guitar picks- they're cheaper than dirt! laugh.gif

The deadline for getting your stuff into ZB is March 1st. Again, no exceptions! This should give overseas fans plenty of time to get stuff to the US.

I hope this answers most, if not all, questions. If you have any question, post it here. Please try to limit it to questions or comments directly related to this project. No "cool idea!" posts, please. We're going to try and keep this as easy to navigate as possible.

Here is ZB's mailing address:

Devanie Maxwell
239 Albert St
Dunedin, Fl. 34698

If anyone is sending stuff to me already and wants to just ship your pic etc. to me and have me mail it with my own to Dev I'd be happy to.

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