2005-01-31 - 2:07 p.m.

Elizabeth (GOTM) doesn't answer her IM's. Stuck up.


The story about one of the bad things I didn't do, kinda.

I talked to Don this weekend and told him that I had thought about calling Baby Mac but I wasn't sure whether it was because I wanted to be a bitch to him or because I was feeling self destructive and wanted to be nice to him.

Don gave me an earful I didn't expect at all.

Apparently the fact that I'm an Ice Queen robs people of their memories.

You heard me.

The man I love above all other humanoid men told me i am an ice queen.

Alright, I deserved that. I do have the ability to seem to have shut down all emotion when it's required and just do what I think I have to do.

This shouldn't be confused with giving in to desires. No. That is separate.

Allow me to illustrate.

OOMM getting back together with Nick that last time even though she KNEW it would end unhappily = giving in to desire.

OOMM and Don the continuing saga = shutting down when required.

I ask him if this is about him and me and the fact that even though he's home way more now (mostly to watch the Patriots BY THE WAY--- but I'm not bitter ) I am not throwing myself into his life full on.

He says no. He says shut up they're going to the Superbowl and it's only another week of football. He says it's really about Baby Mac and the fact that I returned to sender his unopened Christmas card.

Huh? But that was months ago. Why bring it up now?

Apparently he's been upset about it for awhile. I guess Baby Mac whined to him about it. And I guess when I said that I was thinking about calling him and baiting him and being bitchy to him Don didn't think that was a cool idea.

Instead of calling Baby Mac and being bitchy to him I got to hear how my returning his Christmas card robbed him of what little childhood he had been allowed.

I'm sorry, WHAT? Fuck that shit.

If I was the only link the brat had to warm and fuzzy feelings of safety and love and acceptance in his childhood and early adulthood then it was his responsibility as an adult to not act like a complete fuckwad to everyone around him. It was his responsibility to pull his head out of his ass when we were all killing ourselves to keep him alive.

Now though, because he has some new girl and new career opportunities and sun is shining on Casa de Bambino Mac we should all forgive the muck he said and did until next time?

Uh. No. And if you want to see Ice Princess babe keep seeing it from his side.

And if you want to talk about Ice lets talk about you and me and my side of THAT story for the past few years huh?

You're cruising close to Nick territory with me pal. Choose your lane very carefully.

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