2005-01-28 - 11:54 a.m.

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What color is most reflective of you?
Silverís pretty reflective, shiny. Oh, of ME. Uh, Iím a chameleon I reflect color, not the other way.
What time were you born?
9:17p.m. Which used to be interesting because my best friendís lucky number was 9 and and mine was 17, but now, new best friend. I have no idea what her lucky number is cause weíre not queer like that.
What song are you playing now, or wish you were playing?
Dead silence is what Iím playing, I keep hearing ďover and over againĒ in my head, I donít really wish I were playing any song.
Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?
Yeah. Michael Hutchence, because I knew it was killing Charley. I donít think anyone others have.
What color underwear are you wearing?
What does your dad do for a living?
Not a lot now. Since heís been dead 14 years. Kinda cuts down on the job market. He had retired for years before he died but before that it was retail management.
What does your mom do for a living?
Sheís retired, but she was in retail for awhile and then went to work in a high tech job I never understood.
What color are your bedsheets?
I have no idea. I NEVER sleep under my covers they are there for show. The only thing Iíve slept under for a year is the blanket Boobs gave me for Christmas last year.
What was the last concert you attended?
Probably Cher. I donít remember if Iíve been to any since.
What was the last movie you saw?In the theater? Oceanís 12. At home? A Home at the End of The Earth, but not all of it.
Did you dream last night?
That would require sleep which didnít happen. I did however keep having these mini-episodes of being on the Apprentice and having to construct stuff to keep Trump happy with just like, dishpans and coke rings. Cola rings. Iím guessing itíd be easy to keep Trump happy with the other kind of Coke ring. Last night was the first and last time I ever watch that show.
What is to the left of you?
My desk, calculator, calendar, pen, Ellen video tape, fishbowl full of snacks.
What was the last thing you ate?
Two bites of a gross chocolate croissant from Starbucks where I never go but had to try the new Chantico chocolate drink which is much too bitter for my taste and has an aftertaste of coconut no one warned me about.
Write a song lyric that's in your head?
Still that over and over again which is so freakin ironic isnít it. Oh, now thatís in my head.
Where is your signifigant other right now?
Have you been paying attention at all? Theyíre all 6 ft under. And I donít mean the tv show.
What shampoo do you use?
Pantene, well, most recently pantene. I mix it up. I like the Sleek, who is that by? I forget.
When was the last time you cut your hair?
Slave Girl cut it this summer. She only half trimmed the dead ends but it looked so short I made her stop.
What shirt are you wearing?
Black v-neck thermal kinda thing.
What time is it?
11:41 a.m. I have a meeting in mere minutes and Iím not even pretending to get ready.
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Google your first and last name, in quotes. How many results were found?
Two, both me, one work related, one a search I did to find missing pieces of a dinnerware set.
What room in your house is too small?
My bedroom. I could have a larger one but it would mean climbing stairs every night and there are some nights I need a wheelchair to get to the bed.
What room is too large?
No such thing. I love HUGE rooms.
Name of your third grade teacher:
Mrs. Manchester. She was my second girl on girl crush. Thatís right, you heard me, SECOND. It wasnít a mommy thing either. She had this long thick braid of black hair and I remember how much I wished sheíd take it down because sheíd be so beautiful with it flowing. I used to sneak away from my first grade teacher during assembly and go curl up with Mrs. M. When I was in first grade the second grade teacher used to tell me Iíd have to make it through her before I could get to Mrs. Manchester but she was wrong because they fired her ass before the year was up. Heh. Stand between me and my woman will you?
How much money did you make at your first job?
This is trickier than it seems. My dad managed retail stores and I worked for him on weekends, seriously, when I was like 6. Iíd restock and price stuff, and Iíd get a candy bar or a record or something. Then when I was 15 I was a candy striper but that was volunteer. My first real paying job was at the zoo and I have no idea what I made, $4. and something Iíd imagine.
Favorite donut:
Chocolate frosted.
Name(s) of your next door neighbor(s):
On the left used to be Judy and Charlie Davis but they just moved away. On the right is the veal, his mom and brother, plus his new girlfriend.
Genre of music you can't stand:
I can find redeeming stuff in most everything.
Last thing bid on on ebay:
Probably the King of the Hill dvd set for the Bug
How much cash is in your wallet:
Five dollars exactly, which is sad given that itís payday.

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