2005-01-26 - 5:22 a.m.

This snow is getting ridiculous.

Not as ridiculous as the people I work for, but y'know.

I can't make it to the mailbox.

Wendiloo's birthday is coming up and at first I was going to mail her her presents because I knew I wouldn't see her. Then I realized I'll never make it to the post office. So I decided to just send the card and give her the gift when I see her (presumably in July when you can see my driveway).

Now I can't make it to the mailbox to mail her card. Maybe tomorrow. It's not supposed to snow all day tomorrow.

The fun thing is the idiots that I work for thought it would be cool to have school today. No one around them was having school. Not one town on my hour and 15 minute ride to the lab had school. I called at 7 and left my boss a voice mail saying that maybe they had crack falling instead of snow but I wasn't coming in just to be told, whoops, roads suck, drive all the way home.

By the time I got out of bed school had been cancelled. Thus making everyone drive twice.


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