2005-01-11 - 11:27 a.m.

Normally I don't like to write in books. I'm one of those who like to keep them in the condition that they come in, except that I can, on occasion be murder on a binding.

When I was in school I had a difficult time highlighting passages in text books. It seemed wrong.

This is strange because I'm sort of a born editor, not that you'd know it from my slipshod use of grammar and punctuation here. The point is, if you hand me something to read that you wrote, even if it's a card saying 'Love me' I will edit it to read 'Love, Me'.
I adore marking up things I wrote, things you wrote, whatever, but not in a book.

What brought this on?

On the way home from work tonight I stopped at B&N looking for something to read and finally, after years of wanting it bought a copy of Eats(,) Shoots and Leaves.

I wasn't all the way through the foreword before I started hunting for my highlighter. How can anyone get through this book without marking all the pertinent information?


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