2004-12-15 - 12:13 a.m.

Oh David.

For those of you not in the know I'll give you the readers digest of David.

In as much as I'm capable of the readers digest of anything.

David was a bartender at a gay bar that Matthieu and I used to frequent and sometimes work at (singing or whatnot).

Matt and David were friends, more like brothers. I always thought David was handsome but needy.

When I wanted to drive Matt crazy I would make a game of letting David control me, which Matt could not abide.

When Matt started to become distant David became more needy and we started to hang out separate from Matt.

David started taking us kind of seriously, why is all the gay men fall for me?

One night, one very brief night I got very drunk and for a very short time considered marrying David.

The fact that he's gay is the least of the reasons that would be a bad idea.

Any rate, we cooled down, he moved to Florida much to my joy and found himself a real live boy to play with.

He still calls constantly and tells me he loves me and the like but I also know he's in a happy and committed relationship.

Today he sent me an email and signed it "Your sudo husband"

Uh, David? A quick tip for you.

Any husband of my would know how to spell psuedo.

Just like it should have been a tip with Cosgu (is that how I was spelling that?) when she'd sign all of her emails and letters "Chow"

No matter how many times I responded by ending with ciao.


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