2004-11-10 - 11:37 a.m.

YOu know what's funny? I put up my stories at fanfiction.net and I don't really advertise that they're there all that widely.

Then I put them up here and I advertise that only slightly.

Here's the weird part.
I think more people read them here because when I advertise that a new chapter is I get tons of hits from the the link I post, but no one says a word about what I've written, or almost no one. (Thanks Beth!)

I'm not asking for reviews here, and I'm not whining that no one responds to my posts, just so we're clear, I'm just saying, it's strange.

They come, they read, every single time I post that there's a new chapter to be read they flock over and read it, which is so sweet of them, and I guess it should let me know that they at least like the story enough to come see what happened with it.

Here's what's odd though. Over at ff.net I get reviews every single time I post something. Every time. Most are just a few words, encouraging me to continue and I am so grateful for that.

The reviews for the Elemental Challenge were good overall but for the first time there was some critique there too which was just so cool. I love it when someone takes the time to tell me how I can improve their reading experience. I honestly do.

Chapter 15 of Hands is so close to ready, and I think even the end of the fic is near as well, but today I'm getting tossed into all of those meetings I avoided the other day, as well as realizing I promised that one of those worky things would be ready by friday and I have tomorrow off...

Oh dear.

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