2004-11-03 - 11:59 a.m.

I don't know what to say.

I was all set to rail and rally, rant and rave about how this country is chuck full of useless zombies, but I woke up to the information that George W. Bush was once again elected president.

I tempered my joy with the knowledge that the crybaby demoncrats would put all their lawyers on John Henry's plane and weep onto the ballots of all the working citizens until they became unreadable and therefor thrown out.

Then Senator Kerry showed what I never believe to be true, he showed that he is a patriot and a true American (or maybe just a savvy politician but I'm trying here) and conceded defeat without litigation.

The only person happier than me right now is Hilary R. Clinton, only she has to lock herself in a bathroom to do a happy dance where I get to do mine right out here in the open.

Oh America, how I doubted you, but I guess when push comes to shove you really do have logic on your side.

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