2004-11-02 - 2:44 p.m.

I've officially hung up my oven mitts.

I don't cook very much but I do make candy and bake.

Last week I had to give some cooking a shot and I was a miserble failure.

Then I decided to bake.

I didn't really want to bake, understand because I still can't walk very well and standing in one place for any length of time is out, but I had bought these chocolate chips with pumpkins candies in with them and it was thursday night and I figured if I was going to make anything for the work freaks this was it.

I decided to make pan cookies because it seemed quick and easy. I mixed my batter, poured it into an appropriate sized pan, added a few decorative bats and popped it in the oven for the alotted time.

When I pulled it out they were golden brown as promised and beautiful. I set them to cool and watched Survivor. (I hate the damn girl +1 tribe, I want them to kill themselves...go Twila!)

In the sweet spot of the evening (Post Survivor, pre CSI- please God let Catherine get the day shift supervisor position!) I try my pan cookie. The top is tasty as all get out, the bottom pure batter.

I tape csi and put the cookie pan back in the oven while I make a (lousy) attempt at cooking supper. I pull them out, they still look scrumpdiddlyicious so I set them again to cool and eat supper.

Half way through an er rerun I try again to eat my cookie. Still pure wet dough on the bottom.

I dump the thing from the pan (breaking it in half in the process) and put it upside down on a cookie sheet and return it to the oven.

Long about Will and Grace time (an hour later) I remember about the cookies.

Burned like a crisp rock.

Last night I finally got around to baking my pumpkin seeds. I am a pumpkin seed addict. I love carving pumpkins. To give you some idea of what this year has been like for me, not one of the 5 large plastic containers of Halloween stuff upstairs got unloaded this year. My pumpkin was half heartedly carved in a rush at 2pm on halloween day, and I baked my seeds last night.

I say baked.



I'm done.

If it doesn't come out of an enviromentally caustic container I'm not eating it anymore.

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