2004-11-02 - 1:28 p.m.

I should say something, it's been days since I've really said anything.

The problem is that what I want to do is rant politically but that solves nothing. People who agree with me know what I'm going to say and people who don't wouldn't read it because they like to pretend that everything will be okay if they vote their party ticket even though people in their own party don't trust the moron they've set up to win.

I suspect Hillary Clinton will be the saddest little American tomorrow morning, maybe even a tinge sadder than me.

Bet some people think that means I think Bush will win.

If that's what you think that meant you shouldn't be allowed to vote cause you aren't paying attention.



It's virtually impossible for me not to rant politically right now.

Tomorrow, if my candidate loses I will write and tell you how unsurprised I am. I will rant long and hard about why people voted for the wrong candidate and you'll probably stop reading way before the page ends.

I'm going to try to hold off until tomorrow to do that. And I'll promise you this, after tomorrow I'll stop with the political unless something new comes up. Because really, this diary isn't about politics but it is about what effects my life, and if you think politics doesn't effect you're life then you are woefully misguided. And stupid.

On a more positive note, the green crabs are all counted, measured, sexed, legs counted and all that other junk. Now I just gotta enter all this data. At least it's less smelly when you get to this stage.

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