2004-11-02 - 5:27 p.m.

Grissom's Hands
Chapter 12

“That’s twisted.” Sara’s tone was hushed, almost awed. “Welcome to the family Grissom.”

She noted a change in his demeanor as he continued to search the room; he was no longer connecting to the house on an emotional level. Work Gil had taken over.

“It’s possible though, this wasn’t for your mom. Think back, did any of those videos have backgrounds like this? Would you have noticed?”

“I’m not sure, I focused on the women, the fear, I don’t know. I’ll ask Brass to get me copies of the videos.”

A banging from the front of the house made Sara jump. “Shit! What was that?”

“Police, come out of the house.”

The pair exchanged an annoyed glance before making their way to the door. A complicated conversation and lengthy identification check were completed before Sara followed as Gil gave the two officers a tour of what they had discovered so far. He conveniently left out any mention of videotapes or Sara’s theory.

“Where haven’t you checked?” “My mother’s study, the basement and back yard.” “Lead on.”
This was good news. Sara had concerns that they would be asked to leave. Gil for his part regretted not exploring his mother’s sanctuary before the investigators arrival. He resented the intrusion of their sacred space.

A padlock stopped the search party. “Was this door always locked?” “No. Never.” “Maybe your mother locked it when she left?” “Maybe, lock looks new though.” One of the officers went to get bolt cutters from his ‘rig’. Sara wrinkled her nose at the silver metal lock, “Should we dust it first?” “No point. I don’t believe my mother did this, even if she had locked it Miles would have broken in by now, the odds are he did it, he’s obviously been living here.” “Yes, but…alone? He’s been pretty…active, maybe he had help.” Gil tipped his head in consideration. “Good point.” He looked to the remaining officer, “You have a scene kit in your car?” “Sure we all gotta carry ‘em now.”

Sara lifted one pretty good print and a few decent partials before Officer Baden snapped the lock and pushed open the door. Everyone stood back while Gill assessed the room, but it was Sara who made the first observation. “Gil, did you notice what your mother is reading?” “I don’t think so, why?”
“I’m sure I saw this,” she held up a copy of The In-Between World of Vikram Lall “on the table near your mother’s chair. Kind of obscure to be a coincidence.”

Balanced in a small ray of sunlight on the windowsill by what Trina had always called her ‘fainting sofa’ Officer Polk noticed a bright yellow envelope with the word “Mother” tightly penned on it. “Mr. Grissom?” Opening it Gil found a cheery card decorated with a cottage covered in ivy and flowers on the outside and printed inside was “Welcome Home” then the same rigid handwriting as the envelope “Love, Miles and Miles Jr.”

Sara read over his shoulder. “Miles Junior? You have got to be kidding.”

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