2004-10-08 - 1:20 p.m.

What I Did With My Time Away From You

Wed. was my pre-op doc's appointment. I got up at 11, showered, dressed and left the house at 12. My appointment was for 12:30 and it is not even 10 minutes from my house but A. I like to be on time for everything but work and B. If you get there early sometimes they will let you right in.

I arrive at roughly 12:08 and check in. The waiting room (germatorium) is full of people who look pretty sick but as it turns out none of them are. They are all, with the exception of one very lively older gentleman, there for some sort of requalifiying physical and drug screening for various companies.

This is apparently all the rage. Everyone's doing it.

I pretend to read a Woman's Day (people need a magazine to tell them these things?) and listen to the people around me.

One guy refuses the physical but will take the drug screening. He's really adamant that he has his own physician and will not be examined by someone else.

I'm thinking he was once accosted by a street gang in white coats carrying tongue depressors.

One guy in his mid thirties is sneezing like a maniac. I bless him every other time until it get's insane. Every time I look up he is staring at me.


They call me over to do the insurance dance. I give them my new card and my copay and sign that they can do whatever they want to me like I'm submitting to some sort of alien abduction.

Then I return to my seat in the lobby (germatorium). This time I read a National Geographic.

At 1:40, yes, that's right an hour and 10 minutes past my appointment, and hour and 32 minutes past the time I arrived, they bring me into a room.

I've been to this office many many times, but this time I am brought to a room I've never been in. It is behind the nurses station. Weird.

The nurse asks me if I'm reading anything in the lobby and I tell her what I was reading and she says I should go get it which should be a tip off.

I get the NG and she says I can take it home because she brings them from home but no one ever reads them. I can tell, it's the least flipped though book in the lobby (germatorium). I go rescue the magazine and return to my room.

Nurse takes my blood pressure (130/80) and other vitals including my very frightening weight.

Fun for everyone.

Then she says get undressed and the doc will be in.

She doesn't say if it will be today.

I change, haul myself onto the table in the much too small and silly gown thing and try to read the magazine.

I can't concentrate. I have a headache, my sinuses are full and painful. I'm over tired. I want a nap. If the table had been longer I'd have gone to sleep but it was too short and I couldn't comfortably like down.

An hour later the doctor comes in. He does a sort of thorough exam. As a pre-op exam it was thorough, as an annual exam, which I haven't had since I was 12, not so much.

We talk about how great bananas are and about how I broke my feet. He tells me he's going to have my blood and urine tests done right then.

I tell him I have an appointment at the hospital on thursday for that. He just has to order them and give it to me.

He says, no, now. Okay.

I wait. He comes back in and says, okay, tomorrow, but don't eat before the test.

The test is at 4pm.


More to come

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