2004-10-08 - 2:00 p.m.

Sidebar that boobs will enjoy.

We had a sort of safety meeting at work today.

It went much better than I'm sure certain people thought it would.

Certain people think that we're all apes over here.

That's not the point.

After the saftey meeting, just now, I decided to make myself some ramen noodles (creamy chicken, thanks for asking) in the microwave.

The cover for my dish had mold on it and I've had my quota of pennicillin for the week so I used saran wrap instead.

I heated the water 3 minutes, put in the ramen, heated that for 3 minutes, opened the microwave stuck in my hand and pulled off the saran wrap.

There's a little skin left on my fingers. It's right there by the charred bone.

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