2004-10-05 - 3:26 p.m.

I'm having a disappointing food day.

Yesterday I had an unexpectedly great food day. Yesterday I got a nice salad from the White Hen Pantry on my way to work. It had buffalo chicken on it and was yummy.

When I bought said salad I noticed some super looking sandwiches but by then I had my heart set on buffalo chicken.

Oh, and with the buffalo chicken I bought a fruit salad but I was too full from the chicken and so left it in my work fridge for today.

This morning I woke up with the egg thing going on (if you don't know just be glad you don't know, but in essence this means my tummy was revolting).
I toyed with the idea of not coming to work because the egg thing can be brutal and also because, lets face it, I never want to get out of bed.

I did come in though because I had last week off and have tomorrow and thursday off and next monday and friday off and I should probably come in every once in awhile.

(what was I saying about long entries?)

On my way in, with my tummy still queasy I thought about what I might have for lunch and remembered those happy looking sandwiches of yesterday.

I stopped at the pantry but the cupboards were bare. I asked nice lady from country that wants to drive planes into our buildings if she wouldn't mind making me a tuna on white (big fat white wonderbread...that was just for Splink) bread.

She does, I buy a water and take my lovely new sandwich and leave.

Normally I won't get tuna where I haven't had tuna before, or haven't seen the tuna up close because I have a rule about tuna. Call me picky but I like my tuna to have actual tuna in it. This one place we go nearly every sunday night has a tuna sub that is a roll with mayo and celery in it that they sit next to a goldfish tank for ten minutes.

Not tuna.

But yesterday I saw the big wheat bread with huge chunks of what I assumed was tuna but now I realize must have been chicken salad snuggling happing inside.

I waited pretty late to eat my sandwich and let the excitement build.

I have no idea what was in there, I know there was mayo and veggies of some sort because they were green and crunchie but I it seemed fish free.

Okay, I'm disappointed, but look, a shiny fruit salad to cheer me is waiting in the fridge.

I open my fruit salad.

The kiwi has not aged well, it is limp and leaky and has spread it's evil kiwi juice over all else. The grape that I attempt to eat despite my grape embargo (too many spiders) burns my mouth like acid.

So now I'm chewing the way too hard and tasteless Fortune Cookie Gum which is NOT shaped like a fortune cookie as the images on the box would make you believe, and wishing that I could get my student to make a dunkies run for me.

This would be easy as said student has dunken donuts coffee pumping through veins and arteries as we speak, except that I spent all my money on the crap sandwich.

Woe is me. What are the werewolf's favorite kind of beans? Human beans.

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