2004-10-05 - 3:59 p.m.

Dobie and Mrs. Dobie are having problems.

If you've been reading for a long time you know that Dobie never hangs up the phone without saying I love you to Mrs. Dobie which causes alot of vomiting on my part.

Since about a month after Mr. and Mrs. Dobie went to Ethiopia and came home with a pink bundle of Baby Girl Dobie, Mr. Dobie seems to stay longer and longer at work, usually to do something important like play on his surfing message board or play computer pin ball (seriously, did we need computer pin ball, what skill is involved there?).

Today I heard Mr. Dobie at his desk in a heated conversation. At first I thought he was talking to the KOI because he was speaking in pretty emphatic tones which he usually doesn't use with Mrs. Dobie. With Mrs. Dobie he usually either sounds like a man in love or a man trying to talk someone desperate off a bridge, you know, that super calm, reasonable at all costs voice?

Eventually I begin to suspect that it is in fact Mrs. Dobie on the other end of the phone.

I can't catch most of what he says and I'm not really trying but the inflections suggest all is not well in Dobieland.

He hangs up and I'm certain I don't hear the requisite "I love you."

Two seconds later the phone rings again. And rings. And rings.

The phone at his desk also rings at the phone just outside my office door so I get up and answer it. It is Mrs. Dobie, asking for Mr. Dobie. I say I'll get him but then can't find him.

I look, stop at the phone to tell her I'm looking, look some more. Yell out his name in the building and outside. We're a small building, you should be able to find someone in less than two minutes.

No Dobie, but his truck is here.

I get back on the phone to tell her I'll have him call her when I find him because I think it's a toll call for her when he magically appears in the hallway. I tell him, "I've been looking for you, it's your wife". He barely acknowledges me, which is unlike Mr. Polite and takes the phone.

He stays at the phone outside my office door. I enter my office and shut my door.
I hear his end of the conversation:

"I did too say goodbye."
"I hestitated after because I was going to say something about coming home but you had hung up."

After this I didn't hear any more because I became engrossed in my own work, but I did hear them hang up and this is how he left it:

"Goodbye. You heard it that time right?"

Kinda snarky.

Very UNDobie.

He popped into my office, got a key and took off outside for 10 mintues. When he came in he told me what he'd like our afternoon student to do for him and then left for the day. Four hours early.

Dark times for Dobie.

What do you call two witches living together?


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