2004-09-14 - 10:43 a.m.

I don't have the stamina I had yesterday, so the long windedness will be toned down.

Still, there's a story to be told.

My cousin did come, with his daughter and her daughter.

Her daughter did NOT scream but was, in the end, extremely pleasant to be around.

The old ceiling did get taken down and a little of the new ceiling is up.

My dog was confined to his bedroom for the time that the work was being done so that he wouldn't be underfoot. The cat was confined to my bedroom, partially for the same reason, also so that she wouldn't escape as she is an indoor cat.

The dog was let out several times during the day, the cat was allowed into the bathroom to use her litterbox several times also.

I spent a little time in each room, visiting each pet.

The last time I visited with the cat I thought I smelled the faint scent of poo in my room but decided I would not worry until everyone was gone.

Everyone left. I took a shower, I did all the junk I always do.

At 2AM I went to bed. Lying on one side all was well, lying on my otherside however I was instantly reminded that I had smelled poo earlier.

It was much stronger on the right side.

Way stronger.

I turned on my light, ready to check under my bed but I didn't have to...yes kids, she had poo'd directely on my bed. I was laying in the poo.

She has NEVER poo'd outside of her box. Not since the day we got her roughly 10 years ago. She had to have been frightened by all of the people and the noise.

I stripped off the top cover. Blanket still gross, stripped off each layer to find that indeed, my mattress was wet and smelly.

I put all the sheets and blankets on the porch, work on the mattress with shout and fabreeze and take another shower.

I remake my bed with just a fitted and top sheet and lie down. 4AM.

Was I saying that I've been tired?

I can't imagine why.

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