2004-09-10 - 1:23 p.m.


It's been a bad day and now I have a headache and taste bile rising in my throat.

Here's how my day started.

At 6:30 this morning the dog decided that something (who knows what, a shadow, a memory...whatever) required barking at and growling at.

He's not really prone to barking at nothing so I hauled myself out of bed and looked.


It was hot as hell in the house so I put a fan on for him in the living room then went and put mine on in the bedroom.

Then I headed to the bathroom where I was greeted by a spider about and inch and a half in diameter.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm phobic about spiders. My house, as it is every year at this time, is riddeled with these giant ones.

I make a move to kill the spider, it charges toward me (this particular species seems to enjoy chasing me) but I win out and it is squished. After many tries I get it down the drain.

Now I can pee except mom is charging into the bathroom saying she has to go. Gee, I'm in here already, but no, that's fine, you go ahead.

She goes. I go. I go back to bed and try not to think about the fact that its unreasonable to believe that even though the entire house has these spiders none will be in my bed,none will crawl on me in my sleep.

Yeah, comforting. I lie there with my eyes wide open jumping everytime my hair blows in the fan breeze and touches me anywhere.

I realize that it's after 5AM and I can check my bank and find out how much I got paid.

Normally I know how much I'm getting but today is THE day. I did a special project and was promised a sizable amount of money for it. This would be like, 3 or 4 times my normal amount, in ADDITION to my normal amount.

They had said it would come in Aug. but the lastest possible date for me to see it would be today.

This money is earmarked. It is going to handle some important things that need handling.

I go to the phone, check it for 8 legged demons and dial, in the relative darkness.

I wait.

I press the 93.4 billion buttons required to find out what is in my account.

My regular pay.

Melt down.


So I return to bed, knowing that I won't sleep now. Then I get up and vomit.

Then I lay back down.

Eventually I realize it's easier to stay in the bathroom.

When I finally come out I am determined to make some peoples lives very difficult.

I lie down. I change my alarm clock to not wake me up in 10 minutes (2 hours after my dog barked) but to give me another 45.

I try to sleep and eventually I do.

In my dream I am explaining to certain people why I cannot fulfill my promises. I am exlaining about the check not being what it was supposed to be and I begin to hyperventilate. That's right. I'm so upset that I'm dreaming about hyperventilating.

I wake up and find that I've slept for all of 10 minutes.

No one on the entire drive to work this morning has heard of turn signals.

I arrive at work feeling sick. I decide to go talk to the KOI because the likelyhood that this is his fault is 78% and I cannot fully impact his day, nor can I fully gauge his discomfort/honesty over the phone.

DObie has a meeting with him this morning, we'll go together. Dobie drives which rules.

Dobie wants to talk politics, which is one of his two favorite topics, so we talk politics. It distracts and amuses me.

We arrive, I chat with the lovely Mrs. Boobs for a few moments and then with the talented slave girl for seconds and then head for the KOI's office.

He says he knows. He knows why.

The original paperwork has different numbers than what he submitted.


I assume codes. I thunk my head that we didn't catch it.

No. Not codes. Dollar amounts.

Evidently the amount of the grant in total from which this money would be drawn changed.

The only person who knew was the evil doc. The evil doc saw the change and shrugged his shoulders. It wouldn't be that big of a change. No need to mention it to the people doing the paperwork.


So he just called me and said he wants to come talk to me about doing something devious. He wants to talk about that particular grant.

I let loose about my situation.

He essentially shrugs.

Bile. Headache. Backache. Bile.

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