2003-12-11 - 2:20 p.m.

Party was better than usual, I had more people to sit with and didn't hide in the prep room like I have every previous year.

I got two wonderful gifts from Katie whom I adore.

I drank a little, not that much but enough to catch a happy little buzz and have my student offer to drive on the ride back to the office which I happily accepted.

I've been carrying this little McDonald's happy meal Dory with me everywhere for a little over a week. She came out at the party today (so to speak) and when we got back to the lab I took her out of my pocket (yeah, she rode around in my jeans all day) and set her on the desk.

Dobie had to play with her. He made her Ooooh and aaaaah for awhile and then I showed him how the chargy things on the bottom work so that if he touched one and I touched the other she wouldn't make the noise unless we held hands (insert wink here). Then he decided that he had to make her squirt gun part work.

He grabbed a screwdriver and opened her up. I was apoplectic but he did and then put her back together and now she works like a squirt gun.

So pretend you're me. Stretch that imagination. Now pretend you're me sitting across from a bearded Dobie with a few drinks in you.

Now picture that bearded Dobie making Ellie...sorry, DORY go OOOOH and AAAAAAh while she gets wet.

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