2003-11-21 - 12:27 p.m.

The KOI has just...errr.

He is the "Program Coordinator" for this place. He loves hauling that out on days when it would seem impressive.

He hasn't been here since August. Unless you count the saturday we had the open house. He did nothing for the planning, showed up an hour after it started, sat in a corner until the politicians showed up. Walked around with them, got his photo taken shaking their hands and then was the first to start making noises about needing to get home.

He has ZERO time for this place and then when we have the absolute gall to go on without him he cries and stomps his considerably sized hands and feet and says we're leaving him out.

Eh shut up Huey.

So on boat day he trapped me into a pretty intense conversation about where we're all at and I essentially laid it on the line about our frustration with his need to be important and join every committee and be the head of everything possible and then not bothering to do any of the work associated with those things.

He wouldn't even look at me by the end of the conversation.

It needed to be said.

I had tomorrow off.

Somehow suddenly he had time to visit this place for the first time in forever. I'm sure he and Dobie had a lovely conversation.

Too bad Dobie decided NOT to come in this afternoon. I'm sure it has nothing to do with him not wanting to be interogated about yesterday.

Not at all.

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