2003-11-19 - 5:33 p.m.

My feet are killing me.

Pelletier and I were going to the gym today. I was so excited cause I really need to go back to the gym.

She called me and said "Do you want to go for a walk instead? The dogs need a walk."

I was a little disappointed because I keep wanting to go to the gym and if I don't go now I'll never go, but okay, the dogs need a walk, I love dogs, let's go.

I forgot that:

1. My feet have hurt all week and I think there's an actual problem with the right one.

2. I'm wearing flip flops.

3. Peletier is insane.

A "walk" turns out to be a hike in the mountainous (okay, hilly) woods of Lynn. She promises it will be a short one and it is, if you consider it next to say, what Lewis and Clark might have done in a day.

Rocky, hilly, woodsy terrian, with bad, broken feet, a few hours before a rain storm (arthritis-mania) in flip flops.

Ugh. Wow, they haven't hurt like this in a long long time.

I was gonna bake toffee brownies tonight so that when Wendi loo comes tomorrow we'd have them as desert...I'm not so sure I can do it now.

I'm not so sure I can press the gas pedals to get home.

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