2003-11-18 - 11:36 a.m.

A quickie before I leave for boat land.

The thing I promised about Dobie will not happen today, the digital camera isn't here. I'll do my best to get one soon though.

Remind me to tell you all when I get back about why I have decided it's best to trust no one at work. (I don't mean you boobs, I mean Cove proper).

I'm so aggrivated right now, and I almost came back and vented to Dobie about a conversation I just had with the KOI (a conversation I assured the KOI would be just between us, but what the hell, he lies to me all day long) but then I realized that venting to Dobie about being upset with the KOI is the same as venting to the EVIL about being upset with the KOI which is exactly what got me into today's conversation so you know what? I'm not venting to anybody in this building anymore.


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