2003-11-18 - 3:49 p.m.

Stolen from vbitch who stole it from golfwidow, both of whom I'd link if I knew how.


First kiss: I don't remember. Isn't that sad? Really don't though.

First real kiss: I can't remember his name, though I usually can, it's a momentary lapse, but it will ...see, there it is Keith. His name was keith, and I was in 8th grade and he was 22. He was the dj at the ice skating rink I hung out at and looking back it's very very creepy but at the time it seemed fine. He was a sad case because I totally ran that relationship, he had no say in anything. I know nothing has changed in my relationships, but this guy had a few years on me...

First job: Paying? Cause I worked my ass off at work with dad on the weekends by the time I was 5, and I did volunteer work at the hospital, but I guess my first actual job was at Benson's Animal Farm (it was a zoo, they called it a farm so they could hire underage kids).

First screen name: JsAkasha I think.

First self purchased album: I don't remember. Probably something by Shaun Cassidy. THe first single I ever bought myself was "Pilot of the Airwaves."

First funeral: Again, I'm not sure, my grandfather died around the same time as my best friend (at the time)'s mother did, so I'm not sure which funeral was first. I was never very upset by any of it, and even at the age of 10 ran around organizing everyone. I should have been a mortician, there's no two ways about that.

First pets: Twinkles the cat and Danny the dog who my mother doesn't remember at all.

First piercing: standard ears

First true love: Jeff.

First big trip: Well, we went to PA alot, but that never felt like a "big" trip, I suppose the first big one was driving to Florida with mom and dad.

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Englebert, or Dean, or maybe Frank. depends. If you mean on the radio or record, then englebert probably, on the tv it was lots of dean, frank, andy williams...

Last big car ride: F'in PA, it felt like a big trip that time. Almost 26 hour round trip with a 3 hour nap in between.

Last kiss: Not answering this one, it'll get me in dutch.

Last good cry: Probably in my car. I don't remember, it seems so frequent lately.

Last movie seen: Finding NEMO. (go dory!)...though that's not strictly true because I watched Maid To Order and something with Bill Murray and an elephant on tv this weekend.

Last beverage drunk: Caffiene free (what's the point?) Pepsi.

Last food consumed: A microwave burger from a vending machine and a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

Last phone call: Peletier calling to ask if we're going on the boat tomorrow because apparently her sister didn't give her the message this AM that we went today.

Last TV show watched: Sharon Osborne

Last shoes worn: The Teva's.

Last CD played: Toby Keith Shock'n Y'all

Last item bought: the vending machine hamburger. non food? uh...I bought a skirt a few days ago.

Last disappointment: Tara not coming on the boat, and not having the camera.

Last soda drunk: the pepsi I'm drinking now.

Last ice cream eaten: I just told you that.

Last shirt worn: A magenta long sleeve t with a blue and silver design on the front.

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