2003-11-17 - 2:18 p.m.


Uh, I don't remember. there was some sleeping and some eating, and a little hanging with Splink,but other than that? no idea.

Slept really well last night. Weird, because usually I can't sleep on sunday night at all, but I did.

Got in early to leave a video for one of my students who wasn't even here to get it, and then asked my other student to photocopy her bullshark paper for me to have a look at. She didn't.

Molecular was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzfestish, we just chatted and got NO work done, which was frustrating because I was all geared up to get stuff done.

I'm presenting my case last so I have lots of time to work on it, which is of course, I big mistake.

Then I went to a lecture by a criminalist with the Mass State Police. It was a pretty good lecture, nothing I didn't already know, other than the concept that old school criminalists actually prefer fingerprints to dna samples. I wanted to press him on that, and on why he doesn't use phenothalein but figured it would be best to not make a pain of myself.

After the lecture I went to speak to him (very few people did which surprised me) and asked him whether he was a civilian or sworn. He said he was a civilian and I asked him about what I've heard, that you can't actually be a CSI (field criminalist as opposed to trapped in the lab) unless you're sworn (police academy 3 years of road work, then a forensic placement) he said rubbish. That he started as a chem 1 and after 10 years was a chem 3 and goes to scenes all the time blah blah blah. I was like, 10 years YIKES. He said it's faster now. I told him my background and he was like, "OH , we have an opening now, you should apply, you'd be a chem one for 18 months while we train you and probably be a chem 3 within 2-2 1/2 years.


Oh yeah. So I hit him with a few questions about things he lectured about and he was like "Or you could train us...have you put your application in yet? What's your name?"

No dude. I'm not applying. But thanks for making me realize that if I weren't too lazy and complacent to get off my ass I'd have the career of my dreams in just a few easy steps.

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