2003-11-10 - 12:30 p.m.

I'm back (ish).

There's the tomorrow off thing to contend with and the leaving early today thing, but other than that I'm back.

I have Splink's car today because my mechanic has my car. You may remember that I took friday off so that my mechanic could come look at my car and then I could go do laudry.

At 3:30 when the mechanic had not arrived I called to find that he had come to the wrong address. He then sent out one of his assistants (HOTTIE) who drove the car, took a peek underneath and then said that I had a crushed berring on the right side and would need to have it replaced and the brake pads as well. Uh.Okay. Go'head. Well, we can't do it today cause it's nearly dark and I can't get parts this late. When do you want us to do it? Tuesday (my day off)? We're working but probably can't get parts that day either. Okay, then I don't care, this is going to cut into my work time anyway, just pick a day. They pick monday. Hottie will pick my car up early and take it to I have no clue where and then return it all fixed. Cool. The KOI doesn't work mondays so he'll never know or care that I'm late.

Except that I have a class monday morning. At 9:30. And I blew it off last week. Hmmmmm. And so the very lovely Splinky has allowed me to drive her car to work today (shhhh, don't tell, it's a secret).

Splink picked me up at 6:30(ish) this morning and off we went. She got dropped off at school and I continued on to Salem State. I showered at the gym. The faculty locker room at the Salem State gym, let me tell you, has a bad bad bad odor. Did I mention it was unpleasant?


I spent the first hour of work today at my molecular forensics class where I managed to stress Nelson (teacher) out because I'm a little too into the forensic (re: gory) and not enough into the molecular (re: sterile). Whatever.

I then came to work and spent the next two(ish) hours on the phone with Trevor. Someone actually told me I was blushing when I hung up. Sigh. Trevor really wants this job, and I thought we could help him get it cause I thought it was a div. of marine fisheries where we have some people we could sit on but it's really a noaa job so we can't, and no one reading this has no idea what I'm talking about unless you're michelle and I don't think michelle reads this anymore, or if she does she NEVER bothers to leave me responses (hint) here in the diary so I know that she's been here.

Uh...where was I?

Oh, right so I chatted with the Trevor for a little while and learned that he was a big Battlestar Galactica fan when he was a kid which I said he couldn't be because Battlestar Galactica was on in 78 and 79 when Trevor would have been 1 year old. But he insisted and we both got online to check his facts and it turns out it was on in 1980 as well and Trevor said that he was 5 when he watched it. Uh. Trev? In 1980 you were 3. Hmmm. Yes, but I swear...maybe it was reruns. Yes, maybe. It all started because he made a "Ponch" reference and I told him he was too young to make CHiP's references but as it turns out CHiPs was on way longer than I though.

Ah, so, then, I spend some time outside with the girls while they smoked and heard about one of them going out this weekend with a cross dresser. She was mortified and thought this was the worst dating disaster ever. I just shook my head and chuckled, and tried to keep from asking for his number.

THEN just as I was settling into the afterglow of Trevor chat my mom called to tell me that they came with my car. The cost? $342.75. Um, so now I'm taking donations. I can't afford this crap. I need a new car.

So that's how the day's going. How're all of you?

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