2003-11-05 - 4:22 p.m.

The evil one and I have gotten along so well lately.

Its funny because the Evil One was just saying how the KOI's attitude toward him has changed, perhaps softened some. I don't see that, the KOI hates the evil one. What I do see is a change in the Evil One. He is less evil because he has less time for Evil pursuits.

And he's found me useful now that he's lost his angel Katie. Now that he needs me he's found a way to deal with me respectfully.

It's working. We're working and in less than a year when the KOI is distracted with other pursuits the Evil and I are gonna stage a mutiny.

Oh, hey, I wanted to say, Anderson Cooper is in Boston...it's killing me not to troll over the Chaps and see what kind of boys he's hunting.

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