2003-11-05 - 12:39 p.m.

I took yesterday off.

I didn't sleep very well the night before and started feeling like the depression might be crawling back. Lack of sleep is depressions best friend so I though, screw it, I'll stay home and head it off at the pass.

I stayed home, but I didn't sleep. Instead we took down all of the halloween, boxed it and put it all upstairs.

I felt better as the day went on and got to sleep with only minimal fuss last night.

So here I am today, trying to cram 4 days worth of work into my day because I have no intention of showing up for work tomorrow (Happy Birthday MOM!) or Friday (laundry and car maintainence whooooo!)

I'm doing pretty well at getting stuff done because when I have tons of time I let it all slide but when I know I have pressure I can whip stuff out in no time.

I just spoke to my mechanic..who comes to my house if you can believe that. He thinks I need a new axel...that sounds like kind of bad news doesn't it? I dunno, maybe not.

The new Toby cd came out yesterday and I don't mind telling you that I had some guilt over the fact that I did not run right out and buy it the first day it was made available. I just couldn't get dressed really.

Instead I bought it on the way to work this morning. Along with the Finding Nemo movie. I'm so excited about that movie, and really I swear I still would be even if my beloved Ellie didn't voice Dory.

I bought it all at Walmart because they had a whole big Toby campaign and I like to reward that sort of thing. As I was heading to the electronics register with my happy purchase I hear a familiar voice say "hello stranger" and look up to see the Bug with a carriage full of storage bins. We exchange "shouldn't you be at work" right nows and I tell him I have a bug out in the car for him to look at.

He hates this. He hates it when people want him to identify bugs for them. He thinks its lazy, that we should all go do our own buglegwork but seriously, why am I gonna go on the internet and search, brownish flying insects for a thousand years when I have my very own pocket entomologist (great stocking stuffers).

It is a direct relative of a stink bug and there are alot of them in Andover. This is the most new stuff he can tell me.

I'll be you we were the only couple today at the Walmart looking at a bug in a bag in the parking lot.

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