2003-11-03 - 2:25 p.m.

These are the colors I was talking about back when I said Splink would like these colors, only no one got to see them because a few posts later I decided on something more halloween friendly.

Now we've got these and we'll see how long I can stand the green.

Bug told me recently that he was worried about my obsession with death. I thought about this today while I was putting my Night of the Living Dead Dolls away in their little coffins. I am thinking about leaving them up year round but have to find a good display spot for them.

I don't think I'm obsessed with death. I like dead things, no doubt, but that's because I like the mechanics of being able to open them up and have a peek inside without harming them. I think it's more a curiousity of biology than an obsession with death.

Okay, there's the whole crime scene fascination, and the dolls and stuff, but that's not...


I might have to think about this a little.

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