2003-10-22 - 11:32 a.m.

My intention was to go home last night and dig out some photos that I could scan in today and use here in the diary. Mostly pictures of the dog. Cause you know how much I love my dog.

Instead on the way home last night I became obsessed with the fact that I needed another cd case because I have too many cd's for the case I have. I have like 80 small cd cases and two normal size cd cases but the thing is, the small ones are just a huge hassle because I have to remember what's in which one and all. The bigger ones, well, one is this super keen one that the Splink gave me with leopard fur on it but the thing is that the little pockets fall out of it and it doesn't lie flat on the seat when I'm driving so it closes on me all the time which makes me want to pull out all the little bleached blond hairs on my head.

I sort of recently bought a cd case at Wally World that I really like. It's ugly but it does a damn fine job of holding my cds and not shutting on my hands and the like. I was too lazy on the way home to go to WAlly World so instead I stopped at Brooks. No, not the big Brooks on 114 which may have had some kind of selection, the tiny little brooks on 133 that had a total of ONE kind of cd case, a small one. I bought it because I was, as previously mentioned, obsessed.

I went home, filled with glee at the concept of organizing all my little cd's in a useful way.

When I got home there were bags of Halloween stuff sitting in front of my chair. I thought I had put it all up. It was done, all the overflow had been put away. Now I had all this extra junk to deal with. Plus the foam cutter had been fixed so now I also had to start cutting the eyeballs. I thought I had painted all but roughly 6 of the eyeballs but it turns out I have 16 still to paint, and no energy for it. Blah.

I cut the eyeballs, I looked through the new bag and sorted a thing or two out for work, the porch, the graves and then set it all in the corner to work on the cd's.

When the cd's where done I grabbed a book and sat reading the rest of the night away. I forgot all about looking for photos.

So maybe tonight. If I don't get too distracted by Bob. Now I know virtually none of you watch The Bachelor but I have to go on a little rant here about how when Bob, the current bachelor was a contestant on the Bachelorette, he was adorable and sweet, sincere and funny and everyone wanted to eat him up with a spoon.

Now that he's the new bachelor I have to say, I don't like bob quite so much. Bob's kind of a player. Bob needs to stop crawling all over every single girl. It's creepy. You had a good thing Bob, but you tipped your hand.

I'm sure Bob is crushed.

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