2003-10-16 - 4:48 p.m.

So if I'm going to make other people tell me what they're eating I supposed I should tell you what I've eaten, not that you give a poo.

Today I ate one smart ones thai chicken and noodles bistro dinner. I threw the bistro in there because all of the entree's were .99 except if they said Bistro. That Bistro word cost me an extra 1.34 so I'm throwing it around all day.

Post boating I went and got a sundae. It was coffee heath bar ice cream with caramel topping and whipped cream. I prefer butterscotch topping but what're you gonna do?

So that's the food report. Except to say that Charley emailed me to say that he ate bran today. There was a much longer explanation than that, but you, unless you're splinky, probably aren't all that interested in why charley is eating bran.

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