2003-10-15 - 5:06 p.m.

Danger lurks.

I can smell it right there behind the banana bread. Don't say you can't smell it, I know you can.

Lots of folks aren't real happy with me right now, mostly because in the past few weeks most of my "away" friends have been here. I didn't see any of them because I didn't want to. I couldn't.

Oh sure, they understand, but they're not happy. That's okay, I can live with that. I feel confident that none of them will write me off forever because I just couldn't engage in conversation.

Wendi was the only person I talked to that was not strictly family (though really, she just is). No one else got phone calls returned or a chance to see me.

Ask Wendi how much fun it was. She'll tell you I'm sure that it was like spending time with a zombie. Mostly I just sat drooling into my lap while she talked to mom and we all tried to ignore the dog's barking.

Hmmmm, I've gone woefully offtrack here.

Danger. That's where we were headed.

The recent rant, and the stuff that prompted the recent rant, made me go back and read something I wrote awhile back for someone. Urk. I didn't mean to be vague there.

Okay, in my battles with Nick today he referenced something I had written in a piece of fiction I was putting together for Splink. I didn't even remember writing it, this particular thing, not the whole thing, I remember the whole thing, or I should say I remember the thing as a whole, I don't remember the whole thing because if I did I'd remember saying what he said I said.

I ramble more when I have less to say, ever notice that?

Anyway, so I went back and read the thing I had written for Splink, the thing called "Cabin" and you know what? Aside from the cringy bits where Nick and I actually want to be in the same state as each other, it's actually a pretty well written piece of fluff.

Shocked myself.

If you're asking yourself where the danger is here then you don't know how to read between the lines.

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