2003-10-15 - 12:40 p.m.

Oh hey, nearly forgot to tell you all this.

I've been away for a week, well, a little over a week. On vacation from work. Before I left I was having a bad time, as I've mentioned.

I haven't talked to the KOI since the saturday before my vacation. I returned to work yesterday and heard nothing from the KOI. Today he called me and asked if there was anything he needed to know, anything going on here, anything we needed to talk about and then disappeared from the phone. No welcome back, no how was your vacation, how are you feeling, none of it. He was tense and short with me the entire phone call.

I wish I cared. I wish I gave a crap that he's obviously unhappy with me, or with something, but I just don't. He's a complete idiot and I liar and I have zero respect left for him so I don't care if I'm not up to what he wants.

I've done nothing "workwise" for the two days I've been back. I was feeling a little bad about that until that phone call, I actually had planned a few things to do today to catch up and make Dobie feel like I've taken care of stuff, but now I have no desire to do a thing.

Some day do you think he'll catch on that throwing attitude at me never works for him? Probably not.

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