2003-10-14 - 4:18 p.m.

Let's talk for a second about the Boys shall we.

By the Boy's I mean of course Duran Duran.

I didn't see the Boys when they were here a few weeks ago. Charley sent me a tape of them in Japan which I didn't have the energy to watch until this past sunday night.

I only watched a bit of it. Some of it was too painful to look at. No, not because of Nick. I can wholelly ignore Nick. It was difficult because it looked pathetic and sad.

New Religion. I love that song. That used to be one of my big favorites from the old "As The Lights Go Down". A highlight. When they did it in Japan it completely horrified me. It sounded the same, Charley made the same moves, stood the same way, it was like he was trying to channel back to that 1984 day. It's not 1984 Charl. You don't look like you looked then, you don't move like you moved then and we don't look at you like we looked at you then. We've changed, you've changed. Stop trying to make it the same.

What the hell made you think you could wear a suit coat with those pants?

Why does John insist on wearing black eyeliner? John, seriously, can you see yourself? Are you TRYING to look like a washed up has been old poof? Micheal des Barres lookes better than you. He does. What the hell are you doing to your hair? If you put a damned fedora on I'm staging an intervention.

Nick. I'm going to keep this to professional. I'm going to say the only thing I'd have said if this were 1988 and it was my job to comment on what I'd seen. I'm going to burn those fucking white shoes. BURN THEM.

Here's the thing that kills me the most. When they're doing the new songs they kick ass. They come to life. They are a great band. The new songs are really surprisingly good and the whole show stops dragging and starts working.

I haven't watched the whole tape, I skipped around and couldn't bear most of it, but if the boys stick to the newer stuff, keep the new feel and not try to recapture the feeling of the old days I think it's gonna be okay.

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