2003-09-22 - 2:30 p.m.


They are freakin EVERYWHERE I go lately.

It started with this one gigantic spider in the bathroom sink weeks ago. Before the PA drive in fact.

Then a very similar spider IN MY BED week before last.

Last week there were lots of little spiders on and in my car.

My basement is full of spiders, my bathroom have a few of the skinny type that don't bother me so much.

My car, thanks to a wreath retrieved from the graveyard now has these horrid little furry ones running everywhere in it.

Last night I killed another big in the house spider in the living room

None of this is easy for an arachnophobe.

I am not taking it well, but then, I'm doing okay. I've killed almost all of them myself, even when help was available.

Today was the last straw though.

Today I got into my car to find one of the hairy legged, red bellied ones crawling across George Clooney's face.

It was like a scene from a movie. There were lots of people watching, I yelled, I hyperventilated, I chased the thing with my cane but it's dead.

I went to the walmart and bought TWO (2) cans of bug spray. One that kills spiders and everything they eat for the house and one that just kills spiders for up to 4 months for the car.

I came back to the lab, emptied my car completely and Tara Pelitier sprayed the entire can of spider spray into my car.

Tonight it's my bed.

Die spiders...Die.

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