2003-09-22 - 3:11 p.m.

Okay, good times.

I changed my font, my diary title, my colors.

I feel like we're all sitting inside a big bottle of pepto and I'm happy with that.

Think of it as the inside of genie's bottle if you have to.

If you really need to vomit with these colors let me know. I won't change it, but I'll enjoy knowing.

I'm learning HTML ever so slowly.

Anyway...oh, right, I had stuff to say.

Last friday I was here at work. I was actually diligently working along.


I was working along, on the phone with the very eager (hey look, see html! no more ~'s. )teacher of aquaculture from Wilmington. He's a pain in my poopshoot. But I'm on the phone with him being very professional.

I hear a soft knock on my door.

Dobie doesn't knock. Dobie plows in yelling "Do you have any bread?"

The Evil and the Bug knock, but louder and then they just walk in.

There are some new folks, maybe they softly knock and then wait like humans. I dunno.

I ignore the soft knocking because I'm on the phone. When I am no longer on the phone I hang up the phone and before calling the KOI to let him know what the very eager teacher of aquaculture wants him to know I decide to stroll out of my office to see who the soft knocker was.

The soft knocker was Trevor.

Deep cleansing breath.

So Trevor spends the whole day. I sit across from Trevor and watch, listen, drink in all of it.

Trevor renews my spirit. Trevor gives me respite from the whole problem of the day, week, weeks.

Trevor gives me hope that I can leave that fur coat in the back of the closet because there are still some amazing, stunning, non fur coats out there that fit like skin.

Of course, Trevor is being worn by someone else, but that's not the point here. Stop trying to kill my buzz.

Trevor is a symbol that I can really be happy in a non fur coat, and I've been looking for that symbol for awhile now kids.

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