2003-09-18 - 2:32 p.m.

I made the cupcakes last night and do you know what I noticed?

I had a raging headache all day (perhaps I mentioned it, only it seems so unlike me to complain...)

and was really not looking forward to making the cupcakes (what? I mentioned that too? what do you know..)

I got home, nearly unable to keep my head up or my eyes open from the pounding going on inside. I sat down, ate dinner rested for 10 minutes and then got up to start the cupcakes.

An hour later the cupcakes out of the oven, the frosting waiting to be spread I sat down to watch Big Brother (GO JUN)and noticed, my headache was gone. The act of making these stupid cupcakes had allieviated the headache.

Or it could have been the massive quantities of drugs I took before begining the cupcakes but I'm just going to tell myself it was the cupcakes capishe?

I'm sure that's not how you spell that. Capesh? Aw heck, I dunno.

I've got it in my head because I've been listening to George's Auntie Rose lately.

RoseMary Clooney for the slow folks.

Anyway I've been listening to her alot lately, and when I say alot I mean, obsessively. She's the only thing I can listen to. I can't stand the thought of taking that cd out of the player and playing anything else. So my favorites, on the cd I have are C'Mon A My House which has been stuck in my head all day, "In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening" which is my new all time favorite song though damned if I know why and "Mango" oh and..."Mambo Italiano".

Better even than the Dean Martin stuff I tell you what. When I have some more money (WHEN?) I'm heading out and buying way more Rosemary. Or maybe George would like to just send me some.

Too bad...oh, I was just gonna say too bad George doesn't read this diary. Then I remembered about Wahlberg and how he loves to tell everyone about it.

Never mind Mark, I'll just buy the cd's. Really.

The last thing we need is George here with his snarking all over my blog.

Today is taking ENTIRELY TOO LONG.

I didn't get the whole cupcake fiasco finished last night until after 1am.

What's that you say? You thought I said they were done in an hour? Oh no, that was just the rest period.

they're strawberry cupcakes. I haven't made strawberry anything cakes since I was cooking in my easy bake oven (Seriously, that's true)so I didn't know whether they should be be pink or brownish or what. So I cooked them. The box said 11-18 minutes. these weren't filled as full as you would normal cupcakes because these are for the insane Wilton lady.

I took them out after one half hour and they didn't really ~ seem ~ done but what do I know right? So I let them cool while I watch Jun very nearly lose Big Brother but thank goodness that skank bitch blond chick didn't throw her out.

I come back from my Big Brother Reality Show break and look at my cupcakes. They seem...not quite cooked. I open one and mom (expert on these things) looks and says "That's not cooked." I decided to quote her directly because I sometimes mess up the highly technical stuff.

I ask if I can put them back in the oven. She says they won't raise any higher but they'll cook. So I do that.

Another half hour goes by and they are now a brownish pink on the outside but still a rosy pink on the inside. It's 11pm and I figure they're damn well cooked enought.

I take them out to cool. I then look at my "frosting needs" for the next class. I think I will fill my bags for this next class while I wait for my darlings to cool because it didn't work out so well last time filling my bags in a panic ten minutes after we should have left for class.

I fully intend to use last week's frosting which has been sitting, untouched and unused in my fridge.

What could happen, it's sugar and water.

It could go rancid that's what smarty pants.

I pull off the cover and the dog passes out from the odor. Noxious fumes spill out and the entire neighborhood has to be evacuated.

Men in hazmat suits come in and remove the old frosting in plutonium lined cansiters.

I wish. I had to then start running hot water into this crap to dissolve it so that I can now, at 11:15 start making the frosting that took me 4 hours to make last week. First though I have to clean the containers.

Do you have kids? Have you changed diapers? Newborn diapers? You know that newborn poo that sticks to everything except where you'd want it to stick and leaves a slime behind it wherever it goes and the smell cloys to every molecule of your hair and clothing? It was like that, only bad, and even dawn...cuts the grease my ass...dishwashing liquid couldn't move this shit.

So I run hot water over it until there ~is~ no more hot water and then I start doing what I always do when I don't know what to do, I grab the paper towels. Paper towels rock baby. Paper Towels can do anything. They could clean up this mess in iraq if they felt like it.

I scrub. I get them "clean enough" and then I start making frosting. This tip, that bag, what color? Oh, crap. Striping? Uh, No. So I make the frosting. Only a single batch and if it ain't enough then screw.

Then I realize I still have to frost the cupcakes. Okay, I frost the cupcakes. Whew...1AM done!

But wait, you see, Splinky is with me here, splinky has seen this, when I cook, or make candy or frost anything, I cannot contain my ~enthusiasm~ I have to share it with the entire kitchen. I have to get the powdered sugar out of the electrical outlets. There is strawberry cake mix in the grout. I'm not certain what that is on the plastic sheet where the ceiling used to be...could be merenge powder, could be piping gel...could be that the cat got caught in the mixer for all I know.

So the scrubbing begins.

I clean the kitchen. I hang out with mom for a bit because we haven't really connected much tonight and I hate that.

I head off to bed and begin my prayers and my rosary.

I have no idea what time I actually ended up closing my eyes. I just know that when my alarm went off this morning I was NOT HAPPY.

I got to work at 10:30, which is what time the KOI tells people I get to work and we meet in the driveway and he says "You're late."

I don't say "You were supposed to be here yesterday, I win." because it's pointless. I just glare because I'm pissed at him. He tries to out piss me. I don't know why he still tries. It's a game he could never ever win.

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