2003-08-28 - 3:07 p.m.

Wow...I went and said the thing that needed saying over in the private diary and then I went and read some of the other stuff I had put there and you know, in the begining when it was my only diary it looked alot like this one but then when it became my emergency back up diary it became a very very scary place.

I mean like, WOW. I think some very scary thoughts.

And as soon as I put them over there I forget them, so it's like reading someone elses diary and you start to think, this is a really scary, messed up, dark individual...and then you go...oh, crap. That's me.

Anyway, I always feel better after I've been there. Well, better after I've written there. Not so much after I've read what I've written there.

I'm still babbling apparently. NOT Blathering. I haven't done that since Jeff and I lost touch.

(taking a moment to remember touching Jeff)

um...oh RIGHT, I knew there was something I wanted to tell you all over here.

It's self evident by now. I'm trying out a new color for the diary because I was really tired of the old navy.

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