2003-08-15 - 4:39 p.m.

I got to eat the pad thai and the thai rolls which used to be spring rolls and used to be smaller but I'm not compaining about that, just about the part where the shrimp in the pad thai wasn't good at all and really this has NOT been my summer for shrimp but that's all good because by this time next week I will either have had or be having a yummy lobster and steamers.

Point? Eh. They're overrated.

I went off on my Evil Bringing Journey. I thought I was bringing the evil to one place but it turned out I was unleashing it on a place much further away.

We had an amiable discussion the entire way because lately more and more I feel myself being pulled over to the dark side.

I mean, okay, if you had to pick a side and one was decidedly evil and the other was KOI...wouldn't you rather be evil than incompetent?

Me too.

So anyway, the whole time we're driving the evil one, who always has to have his feet up on something, has his feet up on my dashboard. Annoying? Yes.

If we were friends this wouldn't bother me, anyone who knows me knows I don't give a rats ass about that sort of thing, but he is not my friend he is the evil one. It seemed so "familiar" is the word I'm looking for. So anyway, then his foot slides and I look down to see that his foot is pressing on my hazard lights. I push his foot away and shut off my hazards but his foot slides back and I realize that everyone is giving me a nice wide berth on rt. 1 because of said hazards and decide Evil is the way to go.

So Evil get's to it's destination and goes in but the Avis rentacartothedevil guy is out banging his girl/boy/gendernonspecific freind, or as the receptionist put it "topping off a tank" so the Evil has to wait. Yep, you heard it here first,evil waits for the Avis Man.

There is a lovely air conditioned lobby provided for the evil to wait in but instead he chooses to wait inside my vehicle. In order to keep said vehicle cool I must keep the engine running.

We wait and chat about evil things like what will happen when KOI runs the earth (or our corner of it anyway) and how everything will be fine because I'm his Hillary. (KOI's, not the evil one's)

Finally Avis Man zips up his lunch break, tops off his tank and returns. Evil wanders in, leaving his empty caffiene free can o evil in my car. He asks me to continue to wait in case there is a problem. I wait. In awhile Evil comes out the door, mouths "Thank you" waves and ...


This is evil's way and it means nothing, but honestly. EWWWWWWWWWW.

So trying to scrub the evil from my brain I decide that being on Rt. 1 anyway I will just take a quick trip to Putnam Pantry to pick up some "stuff" I need. (Quart size tub of Cherry Caramel Sauce, made only by them, obstensibly for ice cream though it's always tasted best off the tan flesh of another force of evil I know)

I aquire the above mentioned yummyness and begin the ride back to work. I remember that I wanted to pick up a book. I wanted to get "Choke" because Cheryl kept saying how good it was, and it does seem good but not what I was in the mood for so instead I got something about a stripper touring the country talking to other stripper and another thing about a 17 year old runaway in china doing the sex drugs and rock and roll thing.

Theme. Anyone?

After Barnes and Noble I really wanted to hit the pharmacy because I need some of that new mousse that is supposed to be what NEET never was. I can't shave my legs' they're too cut up from the bug bites, rash and boat so instead I've decided to give depilatories another go even though I've never found one that works and obviously cannot spell them.

There was no handy pharmacy though so instead I called home to check on the status of the incredible pooping machine also known as my puppy.

Puppy has been ill. Puppy has the poopies. I called the puppy doc at 2:30 in the A of the M doing the new mom act begging her to lay her hands on his puppy head through the phone and make him well again. Instead I had to put him in the car and drive him to the puppy place at 9 A of the M.

The good news is that he was super in the car even though he had no car sick pill. The other good news is that he was happy to trot into the puppy place even after the whole boarding thing. More good news is that as usual he was excellent for the puppy doc.

The closest to bad news is that she has no idea what's wrong with him. She did bunches of tests that all ended in good news, that's not what's wrong, but in the end we were left with no idea what was wrong.

We left with a bag of prescription puppy food (not kept in silo's) and some instructions and warnings.

I didn't come to work as I had been up with the poop factory all night so I spent the day wishing I could nap instead of staring at the poop factory willing him to feel better.

I took a break from the poop factory staring and willing long enough to bring a frappe to Veal who had his wisdom teeth out. Veal had never had a frappe or shake or any of those ice cream drinky things and had no idea what it was. Perry later told me that the thing was a bad idea and would likely make him ill. What to do?

Anyway, back to the puppy staring and willing. He seemed a little better and today when I called home he is now poooping in chuncks as opposed to runny squirty streams.

I knew you'd want to know.

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