2003-08-15 - 12:28 a.m.


A new slave in training.

Amanda is picking up my lunch.

Amanda is distinctly non slavelike however so it's not really a slave in training.

And Amanda's leaving soon so it's not worth training her. I explained to the KOI that we need new slaves because I cannot be running out for my own lunch all of the time. It just won't do.

I want the Perry slave back because she brought Donuts. Or the Alex slave because despite having a fish up his nose and frequently smelling quite foul he brought and PAID for the donuts.

I digress...oh, no, I guess I don't, in order to digress you had to have had a path on which you started. I didn't.

There's a beauty to the lack of sleep thing. I'm on week 3 of lack of sleepedness and now it's like every single thought is a surprise. This must be what its like to do good drugs.

Hey McIntyre...is this what it's like?

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