2003-08-06 - 12:13 p.m.

Today I fly to bank first thing to get cash to give to family member who I am taking and dropping off a few states away for a vacation.

Then I fly to work to meet with Doug, v.cute Trevorlike I.T. guy who, despite telling me he'd be here after I retire, actually showed up early for our 10:30 appointment.

His assistant, well okay, his fellow student, starts screwing with my laptop and undocks the thing wrong which REALLY f's it up so I start FLIPPING OUT on him. After that only Doug touches my stuff. Doug teaches me some tricks and I am all set.

I get the aforementioned Annual Report of lore onto a zip disk and transfer it to the actual real computer that requires a desk as opposed to a lap.

I put the coupedecherryicing on the thing and save it to about 9.2 million places, though the geeks tell me I was wasting my time after 42.

I've printed out a regular quality copy prenumbering, as KOI asked and then left a copy of the final version on disk for him. He is away at a meeting.

He calls. He needs a PERFECT and FINISHED copy printed. He isn't going to take the FUCKING THING to the print shop, hand them the zip disk and say, make this lovely...no, he's going to take it and photo copy it. Over and over.

You heard me correctly.

Hmmm. It just occurred to me that about one of you get's how annoying that is. Two, if Katie's reading this.

Okay, lets try it this way...say you work forever on a song and you've got it perfect. You've digitally mastered it and have it ready to be pressed. Now the record company says...oh, that's okay, just sort of hum it into this tape recorder and we'll sell dubs of that.

Yeah, it's like that

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