2003-07-24 - 4:08 p.m.

I have returned from running away with Katie.

I lost my enthusiasm for typing out this whole dream but lets just say that being on the roof top with Carson at sunset and Ben whateverhisname is playing below us was lovely.

I swear I'm working right now.

I think the computer is why I'm so sore. I've been doing so much computer work over the past week and while my back hurts pretty much all of the time it hurts the worst when I work at the computer.

A little cheese for my whine please?

I didn't stay up to watch Carson last night. This is total progress. I did want to see the show because it was completely dedicated to Jane's Addiction but because of the headache I decided that I would trust the (so hard not to say process there...what has JT done to me?) vcr and sleep.

I did go to sleep rather quickly when I went to bed (still only at about 12:20) but woke up abruptly at 1:32 when my vcr hummed it's little "I'm taping Carson now" hum .

I resisted the temptation to turn on the tv but I needn't have bothered because I couldn't go back to sleep. I was awake until well after 4AM. Somehow though when the alarm went off at 8 I didn't hit the snooze once. I just sat up, shut off the alarm and rewound Carson.

I'm glad I didn't stay up for the show. Perry made the interview kind difficult and there was so little Carson in the show it was better that I didn't get up. Technically.

Tonight I will most likely see the show because Wendi rarely leaves before 2am so usually when she's there I'm up to see Carson. Plus even if she weren't going to be there, Carson has Angelina (shut up Amy) Jolie on tonight and we all know how I love her.

I hope they make out. Okay, they probably won't. But until I see it I can have hope.

Bossboy says he'll be in tomorrow which is just so many words because we all know it would take an act of God to get him in here on a friday but just in case I told him not to expect me in early because it's wendi night.

He said, if I don't see you before 11:30 I won't panic.

I was thinking 10:30 but 11:30 will work for me, thanks.

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