2003-07-24 - 2:19 a.m.

It's Thursday!

I may not be in Europe but it's thursday. This is good on many fronts. This is good because A. Wendi Lou Who (Crap what was that little girl in Family Circus' name again...) is coming over. This brings on subsets of good because we just love Wendi Lou in general but also because the head/back/neck/general ache is still ragin on and wendi lou who what's the little girl in family circus' name again will fix that. Yay. Also it means game playing and I'm due for a win (watch this space).

B. Amazing Race is on tonight. I have a bad feeling about the clowns tonight. Everyone hold a good thought for the clowns. Very odd for me to like them because I don't like clowns, but somehow "Can't sleep clowns will eat me" is way less scary and way more promising with these clowns.

I've been fairly obnoxious today to the point where bossboy told me I could go home at 2 if I wanted to. Uh, no thanks. If I go home at two I"ll have to go do laundry and really, we can't have that ruining a perfectly good thursday now can we?

I'm one of the few people I know that would rather be at work most days.

I have liccorice hiccups.

I had another dream last night. I dreamed that I was at this little bar, it was sort of like the drydock only more free standing and tikilike, anyway, I was there, it was late afternoon and I knew a bunch of people there, like I hang out there all the time. There was a small crowd and I was chatting with the chick bartender (Cheryl I think) when Carson came in. He sat by himself and ordered a beer so I went over to talk to him. He was there to see the show, Ben...crap, I can't think of his last name, Diamonds on the Inside guy...the guy who does, with my own two hands...like 1 maybe two of you, no, 3 of you know who I mean, Nick, John and if Carson's still reading, you know. Anyway. Carson was there to see him perform and we got to talking. Ben wasn't set to come on stage for a half hour and it was loud from the jukebox so I asked him if he wanted to follow me upstairs where it was more quiet. Upstairs as it turns out, was the roof, this funky little rooftop thing that was over the bar, you had to climb a ladder to get up there, and no one was allowed up there really but my friends and I were cause we're cool like that. It turns out that from up there you could see both the stage downstairs ...more later must run away with Katie now.

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