2003-07-21 - 4:57 p.m.

Wow, I was so gonna do this today.

I was gonna be all funny and inspired but instead I'm all miss bitterpants.

My boss needs to be kicked in the head.

Okay,need to let that go.

Surfer Boy is my hero.

He stayed late so I could vent to him.

Um...lesseee...oh, never told you all what happened with Jordan and I. Well, I told some of you.

Basically the long and short of it is this, we weren't feeling it, he thinks I have issues with being faithful because he's not the right one. He says that he feels like it's right for him ,but not for me. He brought up the whole Jeff thing and that I was able to be faithful to him so obviously if I'm with the right person then I don't have a roving eye.

Jordan also agreed that Carson and I would be pretty compatible. I'm putting together a list of references to send off to him so anyone else who thinks we'd make a good couple please send contact info along and I'll get that in the mail. I have a lovely resume set up for him.

(I hope he knows I'm joking, if not I come off like a psycho...which...okay, new topic please...)

Uh...hmmmmm....I'm sure I have interesting things to say.

Maybe not.

I wonder where the hell Michelle is.

If anyone knows anything of the whereabouts of Michelle please let me know. I'm very afraid that she has been killed and eaten by her superhot boyfriend.

If that has happened please have the superhot boyfriend call me.

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