2003-07-03 - 2:03 p.m.

So ummmm....

Trevor "popped in" last friday. It was a three ring circus and I think I had about 10 minutes of alone time with him total so it was really not a very exciting visit.

Still, he's shiny.

Oh, I just realized that maybe like, one person who reads this will get that, maybe two.

Shiny, as in, pretty enough to distract an airhead like me.

It all started with the arm candy being distracted by shiny things. Now we all want shiny things to distract us.

Question: Nick, were you wearing the silver pants when you met her?

Question: If you eat one of those tuna salad in a can with cracker things after its been sitting in a hot car all day will you die?

So yeah, Trev visited last friday and it was uneventful. I actually had to boot him out so I could chat with the Bug about...stuff...watch this space if you're interested in Bug news...

Um, weekend details best left alone except to say that I got VIOLENTLY ill sunday night. All day sunday I had this frog in my throat (ahem, I'm lookin at YOU ) and then sunday night I hung out with Amy who was SO friggin caring and I was so touched.

Conversation went something like this:

Me: "Wow, my throat really just..."


So yeah, after Amy left sunday night my throat really blew up, it was seriously seconds after she drove away that I spiked a fever to 102.3 and my throat had flames and razor blades bursting from it.

Monday--lost day. Throat not as bad but still not good and head full of snot.

Tuesday--Snot explodes out of head through every available opening. Throat so painful cannot swallow own saliva. Visit nice pretend doctor at hospital and nice pretend doc tells me I have a sore throat and prescribes antibiotics and allergy medication. Nice pretend doctor informs me that I will feel better tomorrow.

I assume from the antibiotics that I have strep even though no strep test is given but later, when the haze from the pain lifts I realize that he's probably addressing the obviously raging sinus infection that had taken a back seat to the sore throat in my brain. That is taken a back seat in my brain to the sore throat, not a sore throat in my brain which would be like one of those Stephen King novels where the guy eats his twin in utero and then...oh well you get the idea.

So I have no voice and can't swallow and have phlem and lovies assorted other things dripping from me.

Boss boy calls to see if I plan on taking the boat out the next day. Uh, I can't even talk to you so I'm thinking the answer there might be no.

Wed.--I awaken with a sore throat at 6:30AM. I violent erruption of coughing and sneezing does nothing to set the headache that has developed overnight to ease.

More disgusting and multicolored and textured things/beings are evicted from my head and throat. I pull out my trigger wheel (GOD BLESS WENDI) and use it on the spots wendi has taught me will release the pain of sinus headaches. It works like magic and I lie down and sleep until 11Am when I awaken with...drumroll....

no sore throat.

So sure, I still feel pretty much like ass, and my head despite the repeated attempts to expel everything inside feels full and heavy, but I can swallow. (Shut up-you know who you are)

I drift through the day enjoying the lack of soreness in my throat and doing what I can to stop the aching in my face and teeth which accompanies a sinus infection in my life.

la la la la la BANG

Coughing fits. Around 7pm, maybe 8 the coughing starts. Hacking, shaking, lung erupting coughing. Nothing stops the coughing. NOTHING. This is tearing up my throat.

I go to bed. Cough...simpsons..cough cough...King of the Hill...cough cough cough...King of the Hill again (shut off tv cough cough cough cough) try to sleep. Cough. Read a little. Cough. Put tv back on and watch Carson Daly for the third night in a row. Cough. Realize that despite all attempts to the the contrary am developing small crush on Carson Daly...COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH. Caron says goodnight. I sleep.


7AM Alarm goes off--uh,no.Reset.

8AM Alarm goes off--wake up, fall back to sleep..vague awareness of country music and chatter in background (SHUT UP JORDAN).

8:30AM more aware of music, don't care

9AM actually drag self out of bed.

Head off to work because I have to return a video in danvers today anyway.

Get call from Wendi, assure her I am not, as presumed, dead. Go to bank for mother, nearly mail mom's deposit slip.

Listen to voice mail responses that were not made in person yet go like this:

For Charley: NO! but maybe...what'll you give me?

For MW: You owe me. Slave.

For J: Thank you. I'll call you later today and fill you in.

Amy I responded to right away. She wanted to come have lunch here at the cove with me today. I had really been looking forward to that but I'm so low energy right now it would have been no fun for her and really I didn't expect to be here that long.

Anyway, I also drove right past the place where I needed to return the movie so now it's gonna be late anyway. Special no?

When I do finally arrive bossboy informs me that ...no, I'm not going to put that here, I have a few people I need to share this with face to face first that I don't want reading it here, it will just be worth it to see the expression when I tell them. The rest of you won't much care anyway.

So that's been my time away from you. With one exception.

When I was feeling the most crappy, late at night there was only one person I wanted near me. Only one person that...thinking of them actually calmed enough to sleep and then the next night when sleep wouldn't come calling them worked like nothing else, always has. Wonder if you'd be surprised by who it was. I was, at very first, but then, not very.

I owe alot to that late night sleep bringer, someday maybe I'll be able to let him know how much.

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