2003-06-06 - 11:54 a.m.

Holy Happiness Batman!

Albie rules, have I mentioned that at all?

I only drop him a line now and then to stay in touch and I hadn't talked to him in awhile but the other day I sent him an email asking if he could get his hands on a script for the Lady Heather's Box CSI cause I really want that script.

Anyway, he's working on that but in the mean time he said he got the emmy push dvd for CSI/csimiami with LHB and (I can't even remember what other ep they put in for nomination) the other one and do I want it? DO I WANT IT?

Yes, Tross boy, I want it.

Told him I'd send him a big box of porn and rain to thank him.

Oh, and for all those keeping score, both the Ducks and Wendi lost last night.

(Is it just me that thinks the whole Devil's vs. Ducks thing was orchestrated by Archie McPhee to sell more Devil Ducks?)

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