2003-05-27 - 4:15 p.m.

It's been awhile so I figured I'd better write something.


Strange, I've completely done what I said I'd do. I said Grissom would be my only guy and that's what I've done. I had a three day weekend and I spent most of it watching every CSI episode ever. Here's what I got out of that, watching the first season eps I now see why the G/C shippers think that originally Grissom and Catherine were going to hook up. They did alot of that hovering over each other and acting like mom and dad with the other csi's as their kids and the like, they do less of that now, thank goodness. I think they make an awful pairing.

The other thing I got from this was emotional distance. I'm good with the Nick thing, I'm all set with the Jordan thing, I'm really happy with fictional boy at the moment. I have no need for real life men to come in and screw up my heart.

I got our (mine and Wendi's) Cher tickets in the mail today. Mark threatened to steal one (Mark F not Mark W) and I told him Wendi'd be really sad. I knew he'd steal mine but not Wendi's so he said he wouldn't take it. Heh. Nice, he likes her better than he likes me. Maybe she wants my job. You don't have to do much, you get to look at Surfer Boy all day but the pay is for crap.

Wendi by the way worked her ass off on me last thursday night and it paid off, but not until the next day so she didn't get to see the fruits of her labor. And then I beat her at Trivial Pursuit, but only barely. Game 3 should prove interesting.

The first date is out for the US Duran tour. I'm shocked it's so soon, I thought it had been decided not to start here until Sept. but I guess...not. Whatever.

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