2003-05-08 - 1:58 p.m.

While we're on the subject (sort of, actually, while we're dancing around the edges of the subject) I'd like to thank John for last nights phone call.

I'm sorry that it had to be as brief as it did but Pad Thai waits for no woman. I do appreciate what you had to say though and look forward to further exploring that topic with your unique perspective.

For those of you who do not know, I am having some...anger management issues about Nick's latest stunt(s). My knee jerk reaction to such things is to...well do what I've always done. I was, initially going to call Jordan because that would be the most self destructive thing and at the same time the most hurtful thing for Nick.

(If you are surprised by this at ALL you have not been paying attention all these years)

Splinky, in a seemingly calm, but I'm guessing somewhat desperate attempt to keep me from the evil the Jordan has become to us all suggested that I call Charley (oh, now she'll worry that Nick will be angry with her for that suggestion. Fuck it Ames, we don't care if Nick's mad).

I tried that and got Yasmin. Yasmin and I chatted about what it was I was looking to do and why and she suggested that I talk to John. I agreed John was a good way to go, but my motives I think may have been different than Yasmin's. Any rate, she thought he was in NYC and I was good with that.

He wasn't. He was in LA. He called me while I was at dinner (told ya Splink) and we spoke briefly about my being angry and destructive.

John has learned alot in the past few years. John is a master of self destruction, but he's also become a master at NOT self destructing. He had some very interesting insight as the why's of Nick and I, insights we didn't have time to delve into but I hope we do soon.

In the meantime I have a very short time before I head off to be self destructive.

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