2003-04-25 - 11:57 a.m.

I had to get those out of my system.

The first one went through my head about a zillion times the first night. The second one occured to me as I was leaving the airport this morning.

I'm trying to decide what details to put here and which to dispense personally. It's a difficult decision because some of you will only get to read this and so I want you to have as full an account as the others, but you all know how much I love to tell my stories and I don't want to spoil story hour for those lucky (?) souls who will see me in person.

There are certain things that would not be shared here anyway, out of deference to the fact that Nick's daughter reads my diary (probably more than Nick does, though he assures me that's not true).

Let's see what we can say here.

Nick arrived on tuesday night, NOT wed. morning. I was able to not only pick him up at the airport but also to spend the night with him at the hotel, owing to the fact that I am not only a genius but also devious (not to mention highly motivated).

This was a happy surprise for us both, being able to spend the night when we were pretty sure that wouldn't happen.

Hmmm....No. The rest I won't put here. I'll tell each of you as I talk to, or write to you. I just can't make it this single declaration because I don't want to leave anything out, and to be honest, I want to talk about it over and over and over again with each of you and if I write it here you'll all get that glazed "we've been through this" look which I HATE.

It just occured to me that Nick will hate that. That letting him know that I'm going to dissect and share every moment of what went on with us with each of you is probably not going to make him terribly comfortable.

Tough toast. He's known me longer than any of you, he knew going into this that this is what I do.

I discuss, analyze, giggle and share. There are very few things I don't tell.

There are things I don't tell...those very few things, I wonder if it frightens any of you what those things might be, given what I do tell.

I'll tell you this, they tend to be of the variety that would make me gag if you told me the same. The tend to be of the Hilda and Nick (different Nick for those of you not in the know), sappy sweet, please get me my insulin shot now type of things.

So you are all welcome for being spared those little sticky sweet bits of stuff. Though I can't promise I'll always spare all of you. Sometimes the sticky stuff clings to the roof of my mouth and the only way to get rid of it is to dig it out with my finger and wipe it on one of you.


You know you missed me.

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